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Why Choose ISHAKO S-PS415 PS4 Controller

ISHAKO PS4 Controller S-PS415 is one of the best wireless gamepads in the class of gaming brands such as Razer and Steelseries. The ISHAKO S-PS415 is only sold at a price of around $37.99. This gamepad is also equipped with Audio Jack function, Touchpad and Double Motors Vibration.

At first look, the layout of the ISHAKO PS4 S-PS415 gamepad is similar to the Sony DualShock, but the layout on the right button follows the layout of the Xbox controller. This controller also allows you to connect with Stream Big Picture and Android TV by pressing the button in the middle.

Due to the textured surface, the grip of the controller is very comfortable and not slippery. If you have small hand sizes, you feel the distance between the left and right grips is a little wide. The plastic material used to make this gamepad seems thin. But when I used this, it turns out to be very useful and not as a cheap gamepad.

ISHAKO S-PS415 button that is above the distance is fairly short and quite hard especially when first used. This can be annoying, especially when playing racing games can cause our fingers aching.

Product excellence

The ISHAKO S-PS415 Gamepad is designed for all PC gamers in the world who want a solid controller with a variety of functions that help to become a winner. This controller can be used to play various types of games, ranging from classic to the latest game because it has special buttons to change the configuration settings. The button layout is the same as a controller in general so you don’t face any difficulty when you want to use it for the first time. With an 8-10m Range, you will be free to play with a more comfortable distance from the monitor.


Play all types of games you like, from classic games to the latest games with the ISHAKO S-PS415 controller. This controller is compatible with PS4/PS3/PS2 to play games with a native controller style and can be used to play games on a PC. Thanks to the support of High-Sensitive ergonomic Controller which offer high sensitivity, it enhances accuracy and decreases response time at critical moments.

The controller button has a wonderful dual analog joystick design. The ISHAKO S-PS415 offers dual built-in shock Motion motors. It gives more genuine game experience.

Cost effective

About the price, it sells around $37.99. It would be nice to choose ISHAKO S-PS415 compared to the Xbox 360 Controller with a similar price. Because the Xbox 360 Controller is now very rare to find the original version. Because most of the controller is sold now is a refurbish version or version of the item that is damaged but updated again and also does not guarantee the warranty. So Gamepad ISHAKO S-PS415 is the right choice for those looking for a controller with a price under $50.


Product Features

  • Wireless layout, Multi-touch controller
  • Compatible with PS4/PS3/PS2/PC
  • It is very easy to set up and use with your favorite games
  • 5mm stereo jack and built-in speaker
  • It also offers Built-in shock vibration motors
  • The classic shape and arrangement of the buttons immerses you faster in the game without changing your habits
  • Comfortable support: Play longer while tiring less
  • With a range of 8-10m, you can play at a comfortable distance from your monitor
  • One year limited warranty


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