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PS3 Wireless Controller S-PS301

PS3 Wireless Controller S-PS301


ISHAKO Wireless PS3 Game Controller For Playstation 3
1).Compatible with PS3/PS2/PC
2).Comfortable designed ergonomic grips
3).Double vibration motor and Gyroscope sensor to offer real feedback
4).Wireless Connection via BT 2.0
5).Bulit in 400mAh rechargeable lithium battery


ISHAKO Wireless PS3 Game Controller For Playstation 3

1).ISHAKO Wireless Game Controller was designed for Playstation 3. It also compatible with PC/PS2. 2).Comfortable designed ergonomic grips: perfect for team games PK long time, comfortable game play, no tired
3).Perfectly fit palms, button damping excellent, double vibration motor real feedback, 360° joysticks point to precision. All of this is to ensure your best game experience.
4).Wireless Connection: Connect to ps3 console with cable while the controller is off, then power on console.
Red lights should flash.Press middle round button on controller, pull the cable out, the controller have already connected wirelessly.
5)Rechargeable battery: PS3 wireless controller built-in 400mAh rechargeable lithium battery to support 3-5 hours gameplay.


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