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Wired Xbox Controller XP11


Wired Xbox Controller XP11



  1. XP11 is perfectly compatible with Xbox One/X/S and PC Windows 10/8/7 systems, allowing you to play most games on multiple platforms.
  2. The controller’s analog joystick, trigger button, and dual built-in vibration motors have improved the feel, shape and sensitivity, providing a better sense of control no matter what game you play.
  3. When paired with any wired headset, you can get clear game audio without worrying about disturbing others.
  4. The streamlined design makes it feel comfortable to hold the controller for a long time, and experience enhanced comfort and hand feel through texture holding.
  5. Upgraded buttons and wires increase the service life of the computer controller.






Enhanced wired controller compatible with Microsoft X-box One/X/S/Elite

  • The line controller designed by ISHAKO is perfectly compatible with Microsoft’s x-box one system and also compatible with PC windows system. It is cost-effective and is obviously your best choice.

Design provides great value

  • The enhanced wired controller uses intuitive and ergonomic controls, and its design is inspired by the best controllers on the market, making you instantly familiar with it in your hands.

Plug and play

  • The USB interface and high-quality wires greatly improve data transmission and reduce the response time of the controller. Plug and play, allowing you to quickly enter the game.

Structural upgrade

  • Experience the enhanced comfort and feel brought by the new textured handle design of the wired controller.

Additional information

Weight 249 g
Dimensions 150 × 120 × 60 mm

blcak, white


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