We Have 10 Years In This Passion

With many years of gamepad industry experience, we know a lot about what is important in your home gaming life. ISHAKO has designed, specified, and built many high quality products for gamers and our aim is to become your electronic gaming neighbor and match your gaming life. You can count on the ISHAKO Gamepad to deliver functional, reliable products with lasting durability – ready to provide you with a smooth and exciting gaming experience!

Play Fun, Smooth and Accurate



We Deliver The Good

We focus on product value, not Prices. The raw materials, condition of assembly unit, painting quality of motors and many other details will affect the price. We have a professional team here to implement solid managing production policies, procedures and guidelines throughout the production process.

Standardization of each part like cover printing

PCB Boarding, semi-finished product testing, assembling

Production Guidelines

Finished product testing and packing and kept in writing and updated often.


The Value We Stand By

We put hearts into every piece of gadget we deliver and we believe we can make a difference.


From the first we start working, we focus relentlessly on understanding and addressing client’s true needs, and focus on what we can provide to clients.


We’ve always shared all of our learnings and failures. We believe it helped us get more feedback about how to move forwards and it is a way to help others who are getting started.


We care about clients and learn from them. Offer solutions to client needs that are adjacent to those we’re already addressing and that provide additional value. We believe we benefit from what others have learned and shared.



Not only do offer competitive wages to our employees, but we also provide training and promotion channels, and a combination of incentive bonuses that organically improve workers’ wages as their skills advance.

Work Hours

During working hours, we ensure that our workers have adequate rest time. And those who work overtime and outside normal working hours either have their work taken off or replenished, depending on the progress of work.

Work Environment

The Ishako work environment focuses highly on the safety of its workers. We enforce standardized safety protocols, provide safety training for production and processing personnel, and ensure all workers utilize the appropriate safety attire, such as protective gloves and headwear, when necessary.


At Ishako, we incorporate recreational activities into our schedule to ensure that our employees get much needed breaks from their hard work. We regularly host: employee birthday parties, team building exercises, annual medical check-ups for staff, employee parent-child activities to ensure our employees are enjoying quality family time after work, and celebrations for traditional Chinese holidays (such as the Mid-Autumn Festival) to shower employees and their families with holiday greetings and gifts.